Ali Çetinkaya Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Clinic has opened its doors in Istanbul, following Aydın. The interior design of the project, which was undertaken by Arzu Feruz, was completed by Ananas in terms of furniture production. Care was taken to ensure that the clinic, located in Nişantaşı, was in harmony with the architectural features of the surrounding environment and the interior of the building it is located in. In the design, continuity was taken into account, while solid and veneered oak were used in the general furniture, American walnut veneered products were also used in certain areas. Brass-coated metals, colored glass, and natural stone details were used in the details of the furniture, such as coffee and side tables. Ananas products from the Sofra product lines were placed in the space in line with the spirit of the place.


Aydin Mah. 4311 Sokak No:22 Karabaglar / Izmir
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