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Furniture that can be customized according to your personal preferences, as well as ANANAS products, can be chosen with the dimensions, colors, and details of your preference. As the ANANAS team, we provide fixed and movable furniture design and production for spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, as well as workspaces and meeting rooms in your interios or exteriors. Also your businesses like cafes and restaurants, where we offer tailored furniture solutions.

With ANANAS custom productions, during the project planning phase, we make selections together from the ANANAS Material and Sample Library to create a natural, durable, and sustainable environment. Every product, from an initial concept on paper to the final product, is brought to life through collaborative efforts between designers and artisans, transforming your ideas into reality.

For personalized and project inquiries, please contact us at:  / +90 555 854 6968 - +90 555 204 4687

Sürgü Kapaklı Kutu

Sliding Lid Box

Meşe Lake Toplantı Masası

Oak Lacquer Meeting Table

Tekerlekli Meşe Masa

Oak Table on Wheels

Ceviz Organik Formlu Masa

Walnut Organic Formed Table

Meşe Lake Orta Sepha

Oak Lacquer Coffee Table

Özel Üretim ANANAS Docia Masa

Custom Made Docia Table

Pikap Konsolu

Record Player

Çocuk Yatağı

Children's Bed

Özel Üretim ANANAS Docia Orta Sehpa

Custom Made Porcelain Docia Coffee Table

Tv Ünitesi

Tv Unit

Meşe Açık Askılık

Custom-Made  Brown Open Hanging System

Bar Dolabı

Custom -  Made Liqueur Cabinet

Bar Dolabı

Custom -  Made Liqueur Cabinet

Klasik İşlemeli Konsol

Dresser with Classical Detail

Masif Ağaç Kitaplık

Solid Wooden Bookshelf

Dış Mekan Mobilya

Outdoor Furniture

Özel Ölçü ANANAS Beam Masa

Custom Size ANANAS Beam Table

Masif Ağaç Medya Konsolu

Solid Wooden Tv Unit

Doğal Kenarlı Masa

Live Edge Wooden Table