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When you use the Site, we may collect information about your computer and/or browser such as IP address etc. to be used for recording and statistical purposes. This information mostly will not personally define you.

We may also collect information on your online activities and internet use. We do this by placing a tiny file to the hard disk of your computer called cookie. Cookies are used for multiple purposes:

To remember you each time you visit the Site

To speed up the access to the Site (so that you do not have to log in every time), to increase functionality and ensure ease of use

To store your personal preferences 

To create a profile about you 

To target our marketing and advertising campaigns more accurately

To store information about you (on your device or browser memory) and use of websites

To monitor and understand the use of products and services

To enhance and personalize the users’ experience,

To advertise, understand and improve the ads

To ensure the safety of websites, users and Ananas.

A clear majority of internet browsers allow for cookie use. Nevertheless, you can refuse the acceptance of cookies by changing your browser settings. You may lose some features of the Site by doing so.

The demographic information collected is used to personalize and ads placed by according to the users’ fields of interest. This information can be shared with the advertisers together with the information about other users for the purposes of target audience. You approve sharing your information with Advertisers for the purposes of advertising and promotion by accepting this Cookie Policy. This information does not contain any personal information (Name, surname, ID Number, gender, age etc.), and used to conduct works on the user tendencies as a group and to segment the target audience.

Third party providers including Google will display advertisements on the banners they include on broadcaster sites on web. uses first party cookies together with third party cookies to third party providers including Google for gathering information about advertisements, optimizing and publishing advertisements basing on the visits made by the users in the past.

Customer information shall only be disclosed to the official authorities only upon the demand of the said authorities and in cases when disclosure is needed in line with the imperative provisions of the applicable regulation. 

Your credit card information required on payment page under no circumstances kept on or the servers of the firms offering service to, for the purposes of maximizing the safety of our valuable customers. In this way, all actions about payment are ensured to be conducted over PayTr between your bank and computer or telephone. 

You can contact us anytime through the following contact information. The information user enters into the system can only be accessible and amended by the said user. It is not possible for anyone else to access and change this information. 

For the purposes of this Clarification Text, your personal data can be processed without your consent, in the existence of at least one condition of legal data processing as per the second paragraph of the 5th Article of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Otherwise, namely if there is no existing of legal data processing conditions, your personal data can only be processed upon your explicit consent. In all cases, we may share your personal data within the scope of this Clarification Text with the third parties utilizing the services of our firm, our affiliates, business partners and group companies restricted to only the purposes of performing the above identified targets and in line with the regulation. Please note that the parties to whom your data has been transferred can store your data on any server all over the world.