As ANANAS team, we designed and produced the furniture of a classic Alaçatı House. All flooring elements including exterior doors, blinds and window railings, interior doors, skirting boards, bookcase, separator and modular furniture were specially designed and produced with ANANAS quality. Alaçatı lifestyle and customer's needs were taken into consideration in material selection. Every furniture detail was specially designed and prototyped during the production process. For the shutters on the exterior of the house, the 'iroko' tree, which is suitable for the climate of the region and the exterior design, was preferred. Production was conducted with adhesives suitable for the exterior design. Special metal lock system and espagnolette details were produced and used. The final coating was applied with outdoor wood oil suitable for the project. In Alaçatı House, the touch of ANANAS everywhere from the outside door can be felt, we used glass lamb holders that can be opened and closed from the inside at the entrance door. We resized the PI Bank used at the entrance for Alaçatı House. We brought the soothing scent of cedar wood to the living area with SOFRA and Bookworm from Ananas Design Crafts' stool collections. In addition, the BEAM TV unit, with its simplicity, has achieved harmony with the minimal design of the environment. We produced the stair railings from solid oak as done in interior design. All the skirting boards of the house, like the door jambs, are produced in a way that the gray and wooden texture is evident. Stair skirtings were also made in the same way and from one piece. The double-leaf doors and door handles on the upper floor, which are higher than a standard door, were designed and produced in ANANAS. The door jambs are the same color as the skirting boards and the wings are transparent polished. The gray-blue wooden bookcase we designed for homeowners who we know love to read and collect books; paired well with the dominant color in the guest bedroom, the retro green. The make-up mirror, stool, headboard and large nightstands placed in harmony with each other in the bedroom also bear the signature of ANANAS. Storage areas were designed for the cellar and laundry room according to the area and needs. Covered furniture was preferred in the laundry room, while open storage areas were defined for the cellar. Shelving systems following the wooden panels in the cellar were designed and produced.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 1.5 cm

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